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i'm alive!
and i've been neglecting this thing like whoa.
so here are some things.

this has had me cracking up. and saying BEEEEHCAHNNN loudly. and spreading it to my sister.

this makes me love him oh so much more. he could sing this every damn day to me, 24/7. i'm pretty sure it's on Rock Band...

and the pas de deux in the nutcracker makes me tear up every damn time.

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Oooh, doctor-switch! Are eyes better than feet? Which state are you moving to? :-o

And yeah, I'm an uncle! As of Thursday! Hoping to go back to Ireland next month to see him.

Eyes are a bit more complicated...I don't know when your last eye exam was, but all the machines and doodads and tests...there's a lot! I'm learning some tests and stuff, got to poke people in the eyes to check their pressures.

I'm not sure what state yet...I'm keeping my options open at this point, and discussing possibilities with a friend of mine. We'll see!

Congrats to Bex!!! Take lots of pictures!!

Yeah, I had an eye exam a year or two ago, and they use all kinds of Clockwork Orange-looking devices. Erk, I don't like the thought of being poked in the eye!

Oooh, exciting! It's weird to think that you moving to a different state is kind of like me moving to a different country in Europe. Except that I'd have to cross the sea.

Well, there's numbing drops first, of course. Usually the yellow staining ones that burn.

Well, it's not like you've visited me in Florida, is it, Mr. NYC and Canada??

Aw, that's okay! One of these days, right?! Lol.

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